Hardwood forest


Forestclan was a clan created by Sorreltail of Thunderclan. She wanted to lead a clan of her own, so she left her clan and her family and started searching for cats who would want to be part of a clan with her. She got together a group of cats and they called themselves Forestclan. Sorreltail was accepted by Starclan to become leader of her new clan. She recieved her nine lives and became Sorrelstar. Forestclan cats are similar to Thunderclan because their leader descended from them. 


-Dense forest territory with plants and tall trees, similar to that of Thunderclan's.

-The Hot Springs- Pools of hot water that the clan likes to go to to relax and relieve stress and aching joints and muscles.


-Leader's Den/Tallrock

-Warriors Den

-Apprentices Den

-Medicine Cat's Den

-Elders Den



Mice, Voles, Squirrels, and the occasional bird.

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